*This product is not sold on this site. Bud Sugar is only available in your local dispensary. If they don’t carry it yet please tell them to contact us at MeetSmokeChill@PassinGrass.com.

Like sugar? We got you covered. PassinGrass Original Bud Sugar is one of the easiest ways to medicate. You can put this in your coffee, tea, kool-aid, bake with it, cook with it, take a spoonful; whatever you desire. A lot of people are scared of edibles nowadays because it’s so hard to know the exact dosage you need. Some edibles will say 2 doses and be way too potent, others will say 6 doses and not be that strong. There is no real way to dose out edibles. The industry is trying to think of ways to regulate edibles but really, it all depends on your tolerance. That is why we perfected the Teaspoon. Take a teaspoon of our sugar, if you need more take another, it’s that simple. Visit our exclusive site for more info and some awesome recipes. OriginalBudSugar.com