Do Bad Boys Always Get the Girl?









It may seem unfair but bad guys seem to always get the good girls. Because you are looking at it from the outside, you may find it strange that some pretty women cling to guys their parents warn them against.

The women in question may feel differently, finding no reason not to continue the relationship. They may have seen something in bad boy types that they could not find anywhere else.
Challenge of changing the man
Some women have the false notion that they can change their men.

While conventional wisdom says that women are ultimately looking for the ‘nice’ guy, A girl may see a bad guy as perfect except for a few little problems here and there that she believes she can fix. It is this challenge that draws her to a bad boy.

She is also challenged by the fact that bad boys can be very unpredictable. It seems almost goddess-like to be able to keep such a man. And so, it is a compliment to any girl if she is able to make the relationship work.
The “looks” factor
Many bad guys have rugged good looks that make women swoon. However, the looks may also contribute to a bad guy’s callous and, sometimes, heartless behavior.

These good-looking bad guys can go from girl to girl easily, so they decide that why not take advantage of the situation.

It is actually a bad guy’s narcissism that enables him to exploit women without much of a second thought. These kinds of bad guys may love themselves much more than they love a girl.
The reverse analysis
Maybe it is women’s easy attraction to men that makes these men realize their potential for jumping from one relationship to the next. These men know that they are attractive to women and decide to capitalize on that.

They have always been able to get the girl that it has become some sort of a game for them.

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