Dispensary Clerk Fights Off Three Robbers in Canada

What was thought to be a just a normal day at store, a Canadian dispensary clerk fought off three burglars. The three robbers had bear spray and covered the store aiming it at the clerk. Police are looking for the three men who have not yet been caught. This dispensary is located in Tyendinaga, Canada and from the video you can see that the clerk was fighting them off with nothing else but a bong. Luckily they didn’t have guns and he was brave enough to go up against all three. This video looks like it was in broad daylight and the three men were dressed in all black. Hopefully they get caught for their stupidity.

The lady behind the counter takes a second of trauma before she calls the police but we’re not sure when they arrived at the scene. These robbers aren’t very smart trying to pull this off. You can also see in the videos there is a small dog running around and afterwards it was treated for the mace. Both workers are unharmed but did receive a good amount of mace in the store.

The clerk grabbed a bong and used it as a weapon and it came out to be a pretty good one. Bear mace is a very potent spray made for angry or charging bears. You’re supposed to spray for 2-3 seconds but this robber was continuously spraying. Being at a close range as well, the clerk wasn’t fazed. Even though this spray is non-toxic it could do a lot of damage to the eyes, skin and lungs.

Cannabis dispensaries are robbed all the time but this one was a little bit different. A bong being the weapon makes it a little funny but still a serious situation. All people and pets are safe and that’s what counts. And the weed that’s important too.


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