Is Medical Marijuana Tax-Deductible?

From 420 Magazine:  Twenty-three states and the District of Columbia have legalized medical marijuana, but its users still can’t deduct it as a medical expense on their federal income tax returns. Read More From 420 Magazine: 

Medical Marijuana Goes Wall Street

From 420 Magazine:  In a bid to gain insight into their businesses, Wall Street Goliath JPMorgan Chase invites the globe’s top healthcare companies every year to make presentations to Wall Street investors. Read More From 420 Magazine:   

Jamaica May Soon Decriminalize Marijuana Possession

From Huffington Post:  Jamaica’s Cabinet has approved a much-anticipated bill of drug law amendments that would decriminalize possession of small amounts of pot and pave the way for a legal medical marijuana industry on the Caribbean island, the justice minister said Wednesday. Read More From Huffington Post: 

Grow Q&A: Companion Plants for Pot

From High Times:  Companion plants such as marigolds will help keep away whiteflies while peppermint deters aphid populations, and dill discourages spider mites Read More From High Times: 

Your Guide to Marijuana Grow Tents

From Big Buds:  Marijuana “grow tents” are exactly what you’d expect them to be: tents you grow marijuana in. Read More From Big Buds: 

Pot Grower Gets A Shock When He Tries To Donate Money – High Times

PROSSER, Wash. (AP) — A marijuana grower who had trouble giving away $14,000 has finally found someone to accept the donations.  Fireweed Farms owner Randy Williams made $600,000 last month in the first recreational pot auction in Washington and wanted to share some of the proceeds. Read more from High Times.

Nevada Marijuana Legalization Initiative Officially Certified – TheWeedBlog

An initiative that would legalize marijuana in Nevada has officially been certified by the Nevada Secretary of State. The Nevada Legislature will be given the opportunity to review and pass the initiative, and if the Nevada Legislature fails to do so, the initiative will then automatically go on the 2016 ballot. I’m hopeful that the Nevada Legislature will do what …

Congress Blocks Feds From Targeting Cannabis – Huffington Post

States with legal hemp cultivation and medical marijuana programs just got historic support from Congress. Included in the federal spending bill released late Tuesday are amendments that prohibit the Department of Justice from using funds to go after state medical marijuana operations and that block the Drug Enforcement Administration from using funds to interfere in state-legal industrial hemp research. Read …