Holy Smokes! Pot Users Outnumber Drinkers on the Road

From 420 Magazine: The latest National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Roadside Survey of Alcohol and Drug Use by Drivers found that, for the first time, American drivers with THC in their systems outnumber those with measurable blood alcohol levels. Read More From 420 Magazine:

Pitching Marijuana Startups Brings New Meaning To High Tech

  From 420 Magazine:  Investing in a social network closely tied to a booming industry sounds great, until Apple kicks the thing you invested in out of the App Store because the platform is all about marijuana. Read More From 420 Magazine: 

IRS Issues New Guidelines for Marijuana Sellers

  From 420 Magazine:  As you know, there’s been a long battle over how dispensaries can properly pay their federal taxes to a government that still decrees that marijuana is as illegal as street heroin. Read More From 420 Magazine: 

Grow With Nico: Why Use Soilless Mixtures?

  From High Times:  There’s a lot of focus these days on grow mediums, and one common misconception for new growers centers upon soil and soilless mixtures. Read More From High Times: 

10 Things to Know Before You Grow

  From Cannabis Now:  There’s a lot to consider before making the decision to create and sustain a successful grow operation. Read More From Cannabis Now: 

Valentine’s Day Cannabis Gift Guide

From Cannabis Now:  Whether the person you’re showing your love for likes novelty gifts or leans towards more functional favors, you can use this list to help brainstorm some cannabis gift ideas. Read More From Cannabis Now:

IRS Advice On Marijuana: Deduct It…But Prepare For 50% Tax

From 420 Magazine:  Four states have legalized recreational marijuana, and 23 states plus the District of Columbia have legalized medical use. But federal law still classifies it as a controlled substance, regardless of how legal it is in the states. There’s a lot more than taxes at stake, since federal drug crimes and seizures are nothing to sneeze out. Yet …

Marijuana Grows Up

From Huffington Post:  The legal marijuana industry brought in $2.4 billion last year, so it’s certainly no longer any sort of laughing matter. Read More From Huffington Post: 

President Obama Could Re-Schedule Marijuana

From High Times:  While President Obama is positive marijuana will continue to be legalized on a state-by-state basis throughout the course of the next few years, the leader of the free world gave no indication during a recent YouTube interview that the federal government plans to end prohibition anytime in the immediate future. Read More From High Times: