Rand Paul slams Bush ‘hypocrisy’ on pot

From The Hill:  Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) accused Jeb Bush of hypocrisy after The Boston Globe reported the former Florida governor was a heavy marijuana smoker while at an elite prep school. Read More From The Hill: 

Marijuana backers cool with AG nominee

From The Hill:  Marijuana advocates say they aren’t nervous about Loretta Lynch’s personal pot politics, even after President Obama’s choice to serve as the nation’s top cop voiced strong opposition to the drug’s legalization this week. Read More From The Hill: 

Here’s How We Grow the Marijuana Industry

From Big Buds:  The marijuana industry is the fastest-growing industry in America, economists say, and if California legalizes recreational marijuana in 2016, it’s going to be even bigger. Read More From Big Buds: 

NCAA to Change Drug Testing Policy

From Cannabis Now:  What began as an unfortunate series of events for the Oregon Ducks may lead to big changes to NCAA policy regarding how it conducts random drug tests. Read More From Cannabis Now: 

AG nominee splits with Obama on legalizing pot

From The Hill:  Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch said Wednesday that she does not support the legalization of marijuana, taking a tougher stand on the issue than President Obama. Read More From The Hill:

The End of Warrantless Property Seizures is Near

From 420 Magazine:  Under 1980s-era law, police who suspect you’re a drug trafficker can take your cash, car and even your home without a warrant and even without having to secure a conviction. Read More From 420 Magazine: 

8 Annoying Weed-Buying Situations

From High Times:  Until we get the green light to legalize recreational and/or medical cheeba, we’ll have to continue to put up with many (if not all) of the following annoyances. Read More From High Times: