Note to Republicans: Want the Millennial Vote? Support Weed

From High Times:  In a recent piece of commentary for Roll Call, political consultant Steven Moore calls attention to an interesting phenomenon, which shows the millennial generation is more likely to cast a ballot in an election if the issue of marijuana is at stake. Read More From High Times: 

Rappers in the Cannabis Game

From Cannabis Now:  Two of the biggest marijuana rappers in the scene have decided to take their love for weed to the next level — business investment. Read More From Cannabis Now: 

Medical Marijuana: Stories Of Hope

From 420 Magazine:  The discussion in Iowa about medical marijuana is growing on several fronts. The governor’s saying he’s open to allowing families who struggle with epilepsy to travel to neighboring Illinois to obtain cannabis oil, possession of which he legalized last year. Read More From 420 Magazine: 

Marijuana Charges Dropped Against Cancer Patient Who Faced Years In Prison

From Huffington Post:  The federal government has dropped all charges against a Washington medical marijuana patient who was recently diagnosed with late-stage cancer, in a high-profile case that involves the patient and his family growing medical cannabis at their home. Read More From Huffington Post: 

Marijuana & Driving: Stay Out of Jail & the Hospital

From Big Buds:  Marijuana researcher, hydroponics nutrients inventor, and political activist Michael Straumietis has concerns about marijuana and driving, and the laws surrounding them. Read More From Big Buds: 

Marijuana Decriminalization Works

From Cannabis Now:  Decriminalization is a term often used to describe the elimination of criminal penalties associated with the possession of marijuana. It’s essentially a slap-on-the-wrist approach to enforcing pesky prohibition laws with the use of fines rather than jail. Read More From Cannabis Now: