Members Of Congress Stand Up For California Medical Marijuana Dispensary

From Huffington Post:  Three congressional lawmakers from California are accusing the U.S. Department of Justice of overreach in an ongoing crackdown against Harborside Health Center, widely considered to be the largest and one of the most well-respected medical marijuana dispensaries in the nation. Read More From Huffington Post: 

4 US Presidents That Smoked Weed

From The 420 Times:  There’s been plenty of speculation as to which of our nation’s leaders have actually partaken in a puff of the sticky stuff but there’s only a select few who have admitted to actually doing so. Read More From The 420 Times: 

The Next Step To Legalizing Marijuana In California

From High Times:  Marijuana legalization proponents gathered in San Francisco to hear about efforts to add the nation’s most populous – and arguably most pot-infused – state to the four others where it is now legal for adults to buy and use the drug recreationally. Read More From High Times: 

Colorado: Pot Shops Step Up Security

From 420 Magazine:  Retail stores and medical dispensaries are investing in additional cameras and panic buttons along with staff training. Read More From 420 Magazine: 

The Secret Ways Women Used Cannabis Throughout History

From 420 Magazine:  Ever wondered what it would feel like to slather a mixture of lamb’s fat and cannabis all over your naked body? The sensation was a familiar one to European women, once upon a time. Read More From 420 Magazine: 

Top 4 Reasons to Grow Your Own Cannabis

From The 420 Times:  Let’s face it, having the ability to patronize a plethora of dispensaries in order to replenish your supply of pot is not an option for the majority of the country. And when it comes to having to deal with a dealer to re-up, let’s just say we’d prefer to grow our own, so we’ve listed the …

High Romance: Perils of a Single Stoner Chick

From High Times:  I’m a single woman, and a stoner—there, I’ve said it. I always own up to it early on; I stopped trying to put on a squeaky-clean face for dates years ago, when I realized I would never give up weed “for the right guy.” The right guy will have to be cool with it. Read More From …