It’s Immoral To Oppose Medical Marijuana

From 420 Magazine:  Testifying at a hearing is a Berks County/Reihholds woman, Dana Ulrich, whose daughter, Lorelei, suffers from epilepsy and can have as many as 700 seizures daily. There is some research that says marijuana can help reduce seizures. Read More From 420 Magazine: 

From Huffington Post:  After months of debate, threats and uncertainty, recreational marijuana became legal in Washington, D.C., Thursday — at least according to the city government. Read More From Huffington Post: 

Pot is 114 Times Safer Than Booze, Says Study

From  A new report, by the journal Scientific Reports, finds that marijuana is far safer than other recreational drugs, including and especially alcohol. Read More From 

Grow Hack: Top 5 Safest Pesticides

From High Times:  Insects can destroy a crop and turn the fun and enlightening experience of growing cannabis into a stressful nightmare. Preventative measures like keeping a clean growroom are key, but some areas are more prone to infestations than others. Check out these inexpensive and safe products for combating bugs. Read More From High Times: 

Understanding the Effects of Indica vs. Sativa

From High Times:  Throughout the decades since cannabis prohibition began in 1937, its use by humans has been largely misunderstood due to a lack of research, funding and legality. Read More From High Times: 

Marijuana Legalization Campaign Hits Setback

From 420 Magazine:  A petition campaign to legalize marijuana use in Ohio and create 10 growing sites, including one in Toledo, received a setback Monday when language in the group’s summary of its proposed constitutional amendment was rejected by Ohio Attorney General Mike De-Wine. Read More From 420 Magazine: 

Nonsmoking pot lobbyist opens minds

From The Hill:  It’s every stoner’s dream job. Strolling down the halls of Congress, Dan Riffle spends his days convincing lawmakers to legalize pot. The marijuana lobbyist is slowly but surely changing the way Washington thinks about weed. Read More From The Hill:  

Study: Second-Hand Smoke May Cause Positive Drug Test

From High Times:  Exposure to second-hand marijuana smoke may trigger a positive drug test result under certain conditions. That’s the conclusion of a just-published study in the January/February issue of the Journal of Analytical Toxicology. Read More From High Times: