Grow Hack: Beware of the Broad Mite

From High Times:  The broad mite, or polyphagotarsonemus latus, may have escaped the lists of common pests in some well-known grow guides, but this microscopic pest is quietly invading more and more cannabis gardens across the country. Read More From High Times: 

The Legalization Of Marijuana Is Debated At CPAC

From 420 Magazine:  The arguments were, “Think of the children,” versus, “Everybody’s doing it” – and if those two cliches weren’t enough, the debate kicked off at 4:20 p.m. Read More From 420 Magazine:   

Nation’s Capital is the Most Pot-Friendly Place in America

From Cannabis Now:  When Congress approved a federal spending bill at the end of 2014 prohibiting the District of Columbia from spending funds to enact further legislation to legalize marijuana, they had no idea that their underhanded tactics were actually transforming the nation’s capital into the most pot-friendly city in America. Read More From Cannabis Now: 

Top Conservatives Are Totally Confused By Marijuana Politics

From Huffington Post:  When pressed at an annual conference for conservative activists this week about their stances on marijuana legalization, several members of the Republican Party said that although they personally oppose legalizing the drug, they support states’ rights to do so. Read More From Huffington Post: