Mexico’s drug cartels adapt to US pot legalization

From MSN:  The growing legalization of cannabis in the United States is forcing Mexico’s drug cartels to rethink their illicit business model, turning to opium poppy plantations and domestic pot consumption, experts say. Read More From MSN:

Happy & Hungry: Understanding the Munchies

From Cannabis Now:  Many people can relate to the pleasantly overwhelming urge to indulge in an array of sweet and salty treats after smoking. Read More From Cannabis Now: 

13 Years in the Slammer … for Two Joints?

From  Bernard Noble has already spent nearly four years in a Louisiana prison for being caught with two marijuana cigarettes—and he’s still less than a third of the way through a 13-year sentence with no shot at parole. Read More From 

Nico’s Nuggets: Indoor Air Circulation

From High Times:  If I am growing a half dozen plants in a small shed connected to my garage, can I bring in air from inside the garage rather than outside for CO2 purposes?  Read More From High Times: