Exploiting the Power of Potassium for Your Cannabis Plants

From The 420 Times:  When it comes to cultivating cannabis, most gardeners want to achieve the greatest yields they possibly can with each harvest. That’s why it’s crucial to feed your plants properly throughout their entire lifespan, especially in the fruiting or blooming stage, which is when your plants want to start packing on the weight. Read More From The …

Most Americans Support the Repeal of Prohibition

From High Times:  Last week, researchers behind the General Social Survey unveiled the results of their latest dig into the public’s opinion on whether weed should be made legal across the United States. Read More From High Times: 

Grow Q&A: Leaf Color Fade During Flush

From High Times:  It’s perfectly normal for your leaves to fade and turn “fall” colors such as yellow, pink, red and light purple. Read More From High Times: 

Hydroponics Marijuana Grow Guide

From Big Buds:  When marijuana growing expert Michael Straumietis visits a marijuana garden to help the grower maximize plant health and harvest yield, the first thing he does is a safety check. Read More From Big Buds: 

Legal pot? Not for federal workers

From The Hill:  Marijuana may be legal now in the District of Columbia, but the hundreds of thousands of federal workers in the nation’s capital and other locales that now allow recreational use of the drug should think twice before sparking up that joint. Read More From The Hill: