California: City Council Stalls Marijuana Dispensary Approval

From 420 Magazine:  Although members of the Malibu Planning Commission voted to deny a marijuana dispensary to the Malibu Community Collective (MCC), members of the Malibu City Council left the issue in limbo at its meeting March 9. Read More From 420 Magazine: 

Obama: Legalized pot ‘not a panacea’

From Huffington Post:  President Obama cautions that while he supports reforms to decriminalize marijuana, lowering penalties wouldn’t be a cure-all for the country’s problems with drugs. Read More From Huffington Post: 

Grow Hack: Does UV Light Increase Cannabis Potency?

From High Times:  Evidence shows that ultraviolet light can increase potency and resin production, though the whole picture of what cannabinoids do for the plant still isn’t clear. Read More From High Times: 

Marijuana Motherplants: Root Pruning & Lighting, Part Two

From Big Buds:  Marijuana motherplants are favorite marijuana females (or males, if you’re a professional cannabis seed breeder who needs fresh pollen) that you keep alive for months or even years. Read More From Big Buds: 

Study Debunked: Marijuana Does Not Cause Psychosis

From Cannabis Now:  The newest in what some would consider to be a long line of media smear campaigns against marijuana and cannabis use arose out of The Daily Mail. Read More From Cannabis Now: 

Grow Q&A: Getting Started With Small Scale Growing

From High Times:  Hey man! I’m looking into starting a closet grow. I’m a beginner at growing and was hoping you could give me some tips as to what kind of setup I should use. Read More From High Times: