Grow Q&A: Breeding Your Own Strain

From High Times:  Breeding marijuana isn’t as simple as crossing good male and female plant stock and making seeds from the result. Read More From High Times: 

Doctors’ Choice: Marijuana Over Alcohol

From High Times:  The New York Times recently ran a piece by prominent pediatrician Dr. Aaron E. Carroll where the good doctor actually emphasized that cannabis created fewer harms than alcohol. Read More From High Times: 

California: City Council Stalls Marijuana Dispensary Approval

From 420 Magazine:  Although members of the Malibu Planning Commission voted to deny a marijuana dispensary to the Malibu Community Collective (MCC), members of the Malibu City Council left the issue in limbo at its meeting March 9. Read More From 420 Magazine: 

Obama: Legalized pot ‘not a panacea’

From Huffington Post:  President Obama cautions that while he supports reforms to decriminalize marijuana, lowering penalties wouldn’t be a cure-all for the country’s problems with drugs. Read More From Huffington Post: