Cannabis Cultivation in Jeopardy in Santa Cruz

From Cannabis Now:  Santa Cruz, the figurative birthplace of California’s collective cannabis gardening model, is facing harsh restrictions in terms of the medicine that can be grown near the coastal community. Read More From Cannabis Now: 

Historic Medical Marijuana Bill Gains Momentum

From Huffington Post:  A comprehensive bill introduced in the House of Representatives Tuesday aims to deal a significant blow to the federal government’s long-running war on medical marijuana. Read More From Huffington Post: 

Beginners: How to Grow Just One Pot Plant in Your Home

From High Times:  As the weather warms up, so do most smokers. There is something about the spring and summer months that brings out the toker in all of us. And, sometimes, it brings out our green thumbs, too! Read More From High Times: 

New Tool Will Revolutionize Home Cultivation

From High Times:  HIGH TIMES stumbled upon an interesting piece of technology at the Comfy Tree Cannabis Expo that will undoubtedly revolutionize the scope of home cultivation. Read More From High Times: 

Poll: Getting Busted!

From High Times:  It’s estimated that there have been approximately 15 million marijuana arrests in America since the Dug War got underway, and 88% have been for simple possession. Read More From High Times: 

High Buy: CloudV and Tommy Chong Team Up

From High Times:  Cloud V Enterprises has officially teamed up with the illustrious Tommy Chong to create the Cloud Platinum Limited Edition Chong Vaporizer! Read More From High Times: