Lawmakers challenge DOJ on medical marijuana

From The Hill:  Lawmakers are asking Attorney General Eric Holder to stop prosecuting medical marijuana users and providers in states that have legalized pot for medicinal use. Read More From The Hill: 

Visiting Jamaica, Obama rejects legal pot

From The Hill:  Legalizing marijuana is not a “silver bullet” for ending the illicit drug trade, President Obama said Thursday in Jamaica. Read More From The Hill: 

Norquist, Dems team up on marijuana bill

From The Hill:  Two Oregon Democrats are teaming up with anti-tax activist Grover Norquist to help companies selling marijuana slash their tax bills. Read More From The Hill: 

Does Medical Marijuana Work For Pets?

From 420 Magazine:  Scientists are studying its effects on a variety of conditions from seizure disorders to cancer, and even chronic pain. But can it be used on pets? Read More From 420 Magazine: 

Stoned Muscle: A Blunt Take On Fitness

From 420 Magazine:  Heather Heady is a fitness/lifestyle blogger who openly advocates for getting high before a workout. Read More From 420 Magazine: 

5 Tips for Avoiding Stolen Lighters on 420

From The 420 Times:  Upcoming 420 celebrations provide the perfect opportunity to meet and light up with friends, but keep a close eye or you may lose your lighter! Read More From The 420 Times: 

Grow Q&A: Yellowing Older Leaves

From High Times:  Dear Dan, As my outdoor plants are budding, the big fan leaves are starting to yellow from the bottom of the plants. Should I cut them off? Read More From High Times: 

Making the Most of Your Off-Season Marijuana Grow Room

From Big Buds:  When you shut down your marijuana grow room for your summer break, security concerns, or other reasons, that’s the time to look at your marijuana gardening situation and make it better so you get bigger harvests with more THC…faster and easier. Read More From Big Buds: