Scientists Figured Out How to Block Pot’s Effect on Memory

From High Times:  Recent work published by researchers in Barcelona has just uncovered more details about the neurochemical pathway that leads to marijuana’s psychoactive effects, specifically its effects on memory. Read More From High Times:

The Truth About Indicas and Sativas

From High Times:  A long time ago, when only landrace genetics existed in the genus Cannabis, the terms Cannabis sativa L. and Cannabis indica Lam. were created to identify these two species of the Cannabaceae family. Read More From High Times:

Using Marijuana to Heal PTSD, Part 3

From Big Buds:  I personally suffer from PTSD. It started when I endured a brutal, violent, military-style police raid on my marijuana garden. Read More From Big Buds:

Study: Teen Marijuana Use Down Nationwide

From Cannabis Now:  Since Washington and Colorado legalized adult use marijuana in 2012, scientists and officials across the nation have been looking for data on how this “social experiment” is faring. Read More From Cannabis Now:

Canada Updates Medical Cannabis Rules

From Cannabis Now:  This enhancement to the nation’s regulatory model will permit 25 licensed cannabis marijuana producers to sell oils and other edible pot products. Read More From Cannabis Now:

High Profits: A Compelling Cannabis Docuseries

From Cannabis Now:  A main focus of this very entertaining reality TV show is the contentious Breckenridge Cannabis Club (BCC) and proprietors Brian Rogers and Caitlin McGuire, Read More From Cannabis Now: