Canada Updates Medical Cannabis Rules

From Cannabis Now:  This enhancement to the nation’s regulatory model will permit 25 licensed cannabis marijuana producers to sell oils and other edible pot products. Read More From Cannabis Now:

High Profits: A Compelling Cannabis Docuseries

From Cannabis Now:  A main focus of this very entertaining reality TV show is the contentious Breckenridge Cannabis Club (BCC) and proprietors Brian Rogers and Caitlin McGuire, Read More From Cannabis Now:

Grow Q&A: Pot Branches Falling Down

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Why I Stopped Using Kush Marijuana

From Big Buds:  The typical Kush high puts a goofy smile on your face, makes it hard to think, and makes your body feel pain-free and relaxed. Read More From Big Buds:

Study: Teen Marijuana Use Down Nationwide

From Cannabis Now:  Now, researchers have found that, despite the recent trend of marijuana-friendly policies, teen use of marijuana is down. Read More From Cannabis Now: