Grow Q&A: Cleaning Grow Rocks

From High Times:  Dear Dan, I’m a hydroponic grower and I use Hydroton (grow rocks) as my medium. What is the best way to clean the rocks? Read More From High Times:

2016: The Marijuana Election

From 420 Magazine:  In the past few years, the U.S. has been steadily growing support for marijuana reform. Read More From 420 Magazine:

Rural Maryland Sees Jobs In Medical Marijuana

From 420 Magazine:  When Chicago-based Green Thumb Industries pitched a proposal to put a medical marijuana production plant here, the county’s five county commissioners — Republicans all — passed a resolution unanimously supporting the plan. Read More From 420 Magazine:

First MMJ Dispensary Opens Today In Nevada

From Cannabis Now:  After 15 years of legal medical marijuana and no place to legally purchase it, Nevada’s first medical marijuana dispensary opened to long lines and a cheering crowd this morning. Read More From Cannabis Now:

DEA Destroyed Medical Cannabis In New Mexico

From 420 Magazine:  Without more information, the seizure seems to be a shift in the understanding that the DEA would turn a blind eye to producers who have permission from a state to cultivate. Read More From 420 Magazine: