Colorado: Marijuana Industry Push Back On More Rules

From 420 Magazine:  A Cannabis Chamber spokesman told Food Safety News the marijuana industry group cannot go along with the “stop sign logo as we believe it is sending a political message to stop THC.” Read More From 420 Magazine:

Marijuana Legalization Fight In Ohio

From Chris Weigant:  This news is actually dividing marijuana activists once again, which might have some political repercussions for the entire movement. Read More From Chris Weigant:

Strain Review: Colorado Bubba from MMJ America

From High Times:  Great trim job, bud structure and bag appeal, incredibly intoxicating aroma, exotic old school flavor, proper flush and cure, and a superb overall effect Read More From High Times:

Texas: Medical Marijuana Law Could Be A Bust

From 420 Magazine:  A new law allows doctors to prescribe cannabis oil for patients with epilepsy, but advocates say they doubt sick people will receive treatments. Read More From 420 Magazine: