Schedule II? Not So Fast, Hillary

From High Times:  Hillary Clinton called for reclassifying marijuana under the federal Controlled Substances Act. Read More From High Times:

Cannabis and Dating

Have you ever noticed different kind of relationships? There’s the non-cannabis consumer relationship, the marijuana couple, the alcoholic couple, and then the couple on drugs. We all know how the last two turn out and that is why cannabis is much different. Couple that don’t smoke weed have great relationships. They often enjoy alcohol and a lot of the time …

How to Make Potent Cannabis Butter

There are many recipes cannabis butter recipes online but how potent are they? Here we’ll tell you a little secret to increase potency to the amount you desire. Since THC binds to fat, butter is a great way to medicate. It can be used in tons of recipes but the most popular are cereal bars. Fruity pebbles, Rice Krispies, and …

What is Shake?

From Leafly:  Like a lot of cannabis terms, it means different things to different people. Read More From Leafly: 

Strain Review: Grape Inferno

From Cannabis Now:  This highly aromatic plant is a cross of a very uncommon Nepali OG combined with Querkle. Read More From Cannabis Now: