California: One Year After Cannabis Legalization

California: One Year After Legalization

It comes as no surprise that since January 1st of this year, California has seen a significant rise in cannabis sales. Within the state, the current $2.7 billion industry is predicted to nearly double by 2020.

Part of this has to do with the number of people trying to make a buck off the new market. Within the first six months alone, California saw an increase from 1,272 licenses to 6,421. Yet, the more important factor is the evolving perspective of cannabis happening across the country. Just two decades ago, only 31 percent of Americans felt the plant should be legalized. In 2018, that number doubled—making the support for recreational weed at an all-time high.

Businesses are taking note of this new wave of opinion.  Although many are in favor of legal cannabis, not everyone knows how cannabis really works.

San Francisco’s dispensary the Apothecarium is a prime location for newcomers to discover these answers. As Elliot Dobris, Chief Marketing Officer, informed us, “We’re working every day to change people’s impressions of what a dispensary could be and we hope others will do the same.”

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