Everything You Need to Know About Cannabis Flavored Condoms

There’s nothing quite like the fun and thrill of spending intimate time with someone in the bedroom. But if you want to take the experience to the next level while protecting yourself from the dangers of unprotected sex, you’ll surely find cannabis-flavored condoms interesting. Here’s everything you need to know about them:

Cannabis-flavored condoms are great conversation starters.

Whether you’re looking to win the heart of a woman who loves weed or you just want to spice up your sex encounters, these cannabis-flavored condoms are definitely a must-try.

Just imagine talking to your partner about using weed-flavored condom that also comes in the signature marijuana color green is definitely a great way to set yourselves in the mood for some bedroom action.

Cannabis-flavored condoms are not addicting.

Although these types of condoms smell and taste like the real marijuana, they don’t contain THC, which is the chemical found in weed that causes a user to get high. This is because THC is oil-based, which is why it can’t be put into latex condoms because it would destroy them. 

Cannabis-flavored condoms are a great way to spice up sex.

Weed is known widely around the world as a natural aphrodisiac because it helps you relax and enjoy sex better. So it’s not really surprising that cannabis-flavored condoms were created because they supposedly offer libido-boosting benefits.

Although this hasn’t been proven yet, the concept of a condom that looks, tastes and smells like marijuana has got a lot of people interested in trying it.

Cannabis-flavored condoms were created in Amsterdam.

Cannadom created the weed-flavored condoms also known as “cannadoms.” This Amsterdam-based company has been selling these condoms for $2 and they were first made available in Amsterdam, where marijuana is legal. Today, you can buy these cannabis-flavored condoms in a lot of novelty and sex stores.

The bottomline

Although marijuana has been connected to several sexual benefits, there are no real proofs that cannabis-flavored condoms can really elevate your sexual experience.

In fact, these condoms are considered more of a novelty item than a real condom. But they also stirred up the sex industry with their unique concept, especially those who love to use weed and have sex at the same time.

When it comes to condoms, flavor might not be the most important thing. What matters most is that it keeps you protected. What you should really focus on is that it fits right and feels right, and only after that how it tastes.

So if you’re one of those who’s interested about this interesting invention, you can always give cannabis-flavored condoms a try and see if it really works wonders in the bedroom or not.

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