CBD Oil for Pain Management

Up to 20.4% of adults struggle with chronic pain. Its obvious pain causes a myriad of health conditions, both physical and mental. Worse, the medical costs of managing pain conditions are sky-high. Meaning, patients have to search for pain-relieving alternatives.

The rise in popularity of CBD as a product with varied health benefits causes many people to try it as a pain reliever. Today, many blogs, CBD proponents and users can’t stop championing the benefits of the product. Visit vitahempoil.com to find Colorado based CBD Oil Products.

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Can CBD Help Patients with Pain Problems?

CBD, or cannabidiol, comes from the hemp or marijuana plant. Known as a psychoactive compound, it has fewer side effects, unlike THC. From prehistoric times, many people have been using cannabis for its medicinal benefits. The Chinese have been using it from 2900 B. C to counter rheumatic pain, constipation and reproductive tract problems in females. Indians used the cannabis plant flowers as a sleep inducer and pain reliever from around 1000 B. C

According to a University of Kentucky study published in the European Journal of Pain, topical application of CBD eases arthritis pains posing no side effects to patients.

CBD also helps to prevent inflammation and neuropathic pains in osteoarthritis patients. Dalhousie University in Canada made the findings after inducing osteoarthritis in male rats. Joint inflammation in the rats reduced after administering CBD to the rats. The study also found CBD to be neuroprotective.  

A range of studies done on animals suggests CBD is an effective remedy for arthritis and general body pains. While animal results may not translate to human beings, many medical tests begin on animals before confirming the results with human beings.

CBD Dosage and Pain Management

CBD comes in many forms. From edibles to gums, to oils, to tinctures, to tabs and to topicals. Effectiveness of the method used depends on each user, perhaps because of different metabolism rates, body sizes, and user experience.

Medics prescribe CBD in the form of tabs because of the ease of administering and dosage tracking. For patients with chronic body pains or arthritis, the most preferred method is topicals application. Topical application allows users to feel the effect fast on the joints, and users report extreme feelings of calm.

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For patients with chronic pains, methods that allow the quick spread to the bloodstream are more recommended. Techniques such as tinctures, injections, or vapes could work better for such patients.

CBD Legality

CBD is legal in all states, but usage is limited based on the content of THC. Meaning you have to check with your state’s office before use or traveling with it. Also, consult your medic before you switch from regular meds to CBD.

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