Benefits of CBD to the Skin

As one of the most popular cannabinoids derived from cannabis, CBD is explained widely on the internet and other publications. There are also talks of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) since it is alco a major cannabinoids, but unlike it, CBD does not make the consumer to achieve a high. The research into the benefits of CBD to the human body has seen it tried on various conditions, both internal and external. It is not a wonder therefore that some scientists have found a way for CBD to be used in skin care. 

Where does Cannabidiol (CBD) come from?

Cannabidiol (CBD) has found its way into products used for skin care, but where does it come from? Many people know its main source to be marijuana (cannabis) but hemp, also a cannabis species, is a major source. Hemp has for a long time been a beauty secret of the Asian continent but it appears that this secret is out. It can now be found everywhere and those who use it in whichever form attest to its anti-inflammatory properties. Like many other studies that have been started to prove the effectiveness of CDB as a relief for pain and anxiety, most of what has been concluded is in a lab setup and animal studies.

In one such study whose results were published in the Science Journal of 2007, researchers announced their success in isolating CBD, THC and many other cannabinoids present in cannabis. Their research involved application of these cannabinoids on the human skin. The common outcome in all these studies was that there was inhibited overproduction of skin cells, a situation that later leads to psoriasis.

What are the benefits of CBD oil to the skin?

CBD oil has been found to contain substantial amounts of terpenes, phyto-cannabinoids, waxes, flavonoids, amino acids, vitamins, and active pigments of cannabis sativa. The skin benefits from the moisturizing effects of cannabidiol when it is applied; this prevents excessive dryness and repairs skin damage. Actually, skin conditions treated with cannabidiol take a relatively shorter time to heal compared to when other substances or remedies are used.

CBD is also believed to enhance the defense mechanism of the skin, improve the rate of skin cells regenerating and eliminates multiple skin ailments. These properties make any topical products that have been infused with CBD to be quite effective.

How does CBD work?

Once CBD gets into contact with the skin, the action is only on the application spot; never reaching the bloodstream. The absorption rate of cannabidiol through the skin is quite low so generous amounts must be used to achieve significant results. The absorbed cannabinoids reacts with close occurring cannabinoid receptors to achieve healing and relief.

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