How Cannabis Can Get You Through Nervous Dates

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The modern world is an era of alcohol and drug domination. Even if people are not addicted to it, they use these regularly from time to time and consume it for pleasure and relaxation. Every magazine, advertisements, restaurant boards, social gatherings, even dating, all include offering and drinking drinks together, or smoking together. But smoking is not only limited to Tobacco. The famous recently-turned-legal drug cannabis is on the list no less than alcohol.

Cannabis is used by so many people to perform better in their lives, become more relaxed and mentally calm and to make their lives stress free. And for this purpose, you can utilize cannabis for dating purposes too.

Wait, What?

How can you use cannabis for dating? You are probably not thinking about drugging your potential partner as we hope so- but the truth is, so many people are too nervous on their first dates. They become clumsy, overly talkative, make lame jokes, spill food and what not. As Jack Vitel explains it on his blog, this can ruin your interaction. This little element of nervousness ruins the possibility of a bright relationship for many people. So, what you can do is try and take a little cannabis beforehand to calm your nerves and have a good time on your date.

It has become very common these days to look around and see cannabis as something common, rather than a big secret and something totally dangerous and harmful. Cannabis has been proven as a medicinal drug which has a number of good benefits for the human mind and body, so we can say that when it comes to using cannabis for dates and physical intimacy, this is not a big surprise.

How Cannabis Reduces Anxiety?

Cannabis has been used for so many years as a treatment for anxiety and anxiety disorders. Back then it was something not reputed in a good name, but now it has gained popularity in the good books of medicine and recreation treatments. People are referring to cannabis as a remedy, rather than to regard it as a drug. But how does cannabis help in reducing anxiety?

Cannabidiol, a substance found in cannabis plant is the compound that is linked mainly to the relaxing and calming feeling. This substance helps in attaining maximum anxiety relief by lowering THC and enhancing Cannabidiol levels in the brain, basically balancing them out.  Another reason to consider cannabis for your dates is that it has a calming effect because of GABA neurotransmitter, which targets the GABA levels. This lowers cortisol which is an anti-stress remedy in itself.

A little Cannabis to Impress

Although Cannabis does not rhyme to Impress in anyway, but they do rhyme when it comes to winning over your date. First date nervousness is something that is hard to overcome. It is a rush of adrenaline, curiosity, thinking if your date would like you, weighing their opinions, all that adds up to a lot of stress and anxiety in your brain. Taking a little Cannabis can save you from first-date troubles, make you more relaxed, confident, so that your date is impressed.

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