8 Places in Toronto to Visit Stoned this Summer

The Toronto Zoo

It’s finally summertime in Toronto and we all know what that means – it’s time for adventure! Time to stop just getting high in front of the TV and take it outside to experience some of the fun places this city has to offer.  In Toronto, there’s lots of sights to see and activities to do that will help keep you busy no matter what you’re into, but what if you’re not sure what you want to do?  No worries, we’ve got some suggestions to help you decide, so check out this list of our favourite 8 Places in Toronto to Visit Stoned this Summer.

Our zoo is one of the largest in the world, spanning over 700 acres and cares for more than 5000 animals across 450 species.  There are over 10 km of walking trails, seven gift shops and so many amazing regions to wander through, including the America’s, the Canadian Domain, Africa, Eurasia, Indo-Malaya and more in both indoor and outdoor naturalistic environments.  Check out tigers, leopards, rhinos and orangutans in the Indo-Malaya region or visit the Gorilla Rainforest at the African Rainforest Pavilion. There’s so much to see and experience making the Toronto Zoo a great way to spend the day on a stoned adventure.  Not only is there lots to look at, you’ll learn something too. 

Ripleys Aquarium

What could be better than getting stoned and having your senses awed by the underwater ocean realm of the Ripley’s Aquarium.  It’s colourful, intriguing and a lot of fun to explore.  Located downtown by the CN Tower, the aquariums are home to over 10,000 exotic marine species including sharks, turtles and stingrays, making it the only place around where you can get face to face with so many inspiring creatures.  If you’re feeling super adventurous, there’s even special shark dives available in the Dangerous Lagoon or the Stingray Experience in RayBay to get you inside the action. 

There’re tons of photo opportunities everywhere you turn (they even have professional photographers for hire) and the atmosphere is something everyone needs to experience.  It’s the perfect choice for a stoned adventure and you’ll have a blast – we guarantee it.

Kensington Market

Not only is Kensington Market one of the oldest and most diverse neighbourhoods in the city, it’s also one of the liveliest.  The area consists of an eclectic collection of vintage stores, speciality shops, cafes, restaurants and bars set in old Victorian homes and graffitied alleys.  It’s a special place in Toronto, and there’s always a lot going on, making it the perfect place for an adventure in the city.  The shops are always changing and there’s just so much to see that you can visit the market many times and always find something new.  Any afternoon is a great time to head to Kensington, but Sundays are always special as the local streets go car-free for the day allowing lots of street performers, live music and food stalls to take their place. The neighbourhood is very cannabis-friendly and makes an amazing place to spend a few hours getting lost in a diverse microcosm of the city.  We recommend getting stoned and ambling about seeing what you find.  Then when you get the munchies, grab some local grub (the food here is amazing) and find a nice place to hang out and watch the Kensington scene unfold around you.

Bluffers Park (Scarborough Bluffs)

Bluffers park is one of Toronto’s best outdoor attractions in the summer.  The park features one of the most beautiful sand beaches in the city, which is found nestled at the foot of the famous Scarborough Bluffs escarpment.  Here the beach is sandy, the water shallow and the view of the bluffs towering above is spectacular.  There’s lots to do at this summertime hangout spot including picnics, volleyball, kite flying, frisbee, swimming and more.   An restaurant, marina, boat launch and bathroom facilities are located on site, and unlike the Toronto Island, you don’t have to take a ferry or water taxi to get here.  Summertime is meant to be spent outside and Bluffers Park is a great place to get stoned and relax in nature.

Canadas Wonderland

No summertime adventure is quite as exciting as a trip to Canada’s Wonderland.  Imagine the thrill of getting high and going for a wild rollercoaster ride at Canada’s Wonderland.  Talk about sensory stimulation and overload.  It might seem daunting at first, but don’t worry, the butterflies go away after your first rollercoaster ride and then it’s all just the pure excitement of an adrenaline rush.  Even if you don’t like roller coasters, the park still has lots to offer.  It isn’t just about thrills – there’s an amazing water park (Splash Works) to help you keep cool when it’s hot out and tons of special events including everything from Dog Shows to BBQ’s and Fireworks displays. There’s also lots of fun carnival games to test your skills and get you laughing at the cheesy prizes. Everyone will find something to enjoy at Canada’s largest theme-park and we recommend being stoned to elevate the experience.

Ontario Place

Ontario Place is a staple in Toronto when it comes to summertime entertainment.  Things to do include viewing classic movies inside the awe-inspiring Cinesphere IMAX theatre, renting paddle boats to get a view of the harbour from the water or going on a Segway tour.  You could also rent a fire pit or go on a walk through the Trillium Park and William G. Davis Trail.  The walking trails wind through various attractions and sights including one of the best views of the city from the ‘Summit”.  Ontario Place is a fun to visit and explore, providing many sweet photo ops along the way.

Toronto Island/Hanlans Point

The Toronto island Park is made up of three main islands and is a short ferry ride from downtown Toronto.  It’s a favourite summertime getaway for many Torontonians because it offers beautiful beaches for swimming and sunbathing, as well as bike, kayak and canoe rentals perfect for exploring. Large grass fields for picnics or sports, a theatre and a small amusement park round out the options. The Islands are great because it’s almost like going on a min-vacation without leaving the city.  Even getting to the Islands via ferry or water taxi is entertaining.

The park is also home to (in our opinion) the best beach in Toronto – Hanlan’s Point.  This beach is situated on the most westerly of the three main islands making up the park and has everything you could want.  There’s an awesome beach, a baseball diamond, tennis courts, volleyball, bike trails, changerooms and washrooms, fire pits, picnic sites and the Gibraltar Point Lighthouse.  The best part about it for us stoners is that the island faces west and provides an amazing city view.  Some of our staffers have reported it’s the best place to get stoned and watch the sunset as it lights up the city skyline. Bring camping chairs, find a park bench or even string up a hammock cause Hanlan’s Point is the perfect place to take photos of our city and a really sweet spot to smoke weed and relax.

Ontario Science Centre

This famous cultural attraction is both thought provoking and engaging for people of all ages and an experience that can definitely be enjoyed while stoned.  Now, we know what you’re probably thinking, but don’t – getting stoned at the Ontario Science Centre is NOT too much brain work – and it’s a lot of fun.  You can take everything at your own pace and believe us when we say there’s something for everyone.  It has interactive and passive exhibits featuring some really cool stuff, like a mind-bending planetarium, real-life rainforest and an actual bat cave to name a few.  There’s also a massive IMAX dome theatre that will provide a new and impressive movie viewing experience if you’d rather just sit and watch. 

If any of the above recommendations have piqued your interest, you should make a plan soon.  Summer is already upon us and as we all know, it’ll be gone before you know it.  Then it’ll be back to hibernating and hiding from the weather again – so get stoned, get outside and have an adventure.

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