Nicotine Salts Vaping Most Important Ingredients

Nicotine Salts are the best solution for someone who is trying to quit smoking. They provide a satisfying hit on the throat which is what reduces the urge to consume more. Other benefits of Nicotine Salts compared to taking regular nicotine which is the core and sole ingredient is some e-liquids is the concentration of nicotine. As the milder option between the two and also smoother, Nicotine Salts might be considered less fun by some. The more practical approach would be to view this product as the best alternative to freebase nicotine e-liquids. So, what do Nicotine Salts comprise of?


Forget the long list of ingredients that make up other e-juices. Nicotine Salts are made up of just two ingredients; Natural nicotine and benzoic acid. The acid stabilizes the nicotine making it be easily absorbed into the bloodstream. The presence of the acid also reduces the temperatures needed to vaporize the salt nerd vape juice. The other important benefit of benzoic acid is its role in lowering the pH of nicotine. It is the acidic state of nicotine that gets it into the bloodstream faster. With just two simple ingredients Nicotine Salts are able to provide its users with a pleasurable vaping experience.

The chemistry of composition

The main ingredient without which Nicotine Salts would lose their core is the Nicotine. In its natural state as is found in the tobacco leaf, it would require extremely high temperatures to vape. This means more expensive equipment and more time to wait for the kick to set in. to explain how these two main ingredients work together to achieve a phenomenon product, its best to take a class in pH. Freebase nicotine is alkaline in nature because its pH is high. The higher it is in different products, the harsher the hit it causes on the throat. Not many people can withstand such and the result is low vape amounts.

When Benzoic acid is added to nicotine it lowers the pH. This reduced the alkaline levels in the end product and makes it much more tolerable on the throat. With a smoother experience, people are able to vape more and hence gain more from nicotine intake.

Luxury does not have to be expensive and especially not in some time that helps you achieve a high. Equipment that allows you to vape at high temperature would need to be highly specialized and this would translate into high purchase costs. Would you like to test the action of Benzoic acid on temperature control? How about you vape regular nicotine in a cheap vape pen and have a countdown to when your lungs stop burning?


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