Differences between Marijuana and Nicotine Vapes

Vaping has completely changed the way individuals smoke today. Vapes can be used to smoker both nicotine and weed. With more and more brands releasing vape pens into the market, it has become harder and harder for buyers to differentiate which pen is used for what. More than that, vape pens all look the same nowadays, which has made the purchasing process even more complicated than it needs to be. As such, before you can buy one, you need to know whether you are buying a nicotine vape or a marijuana vape.

vape pens all look the same nowadays, which has made the purchasing process even more complicated

Differences between marijuana and nicotine vapes

Both marijuana and nicotine vapes are discreet and portable. However, even though these devices look the same, they differ in how they are used and the effects that they produce. Differentiating between the 2 can be hard especially because some are designed to smoke both nicotine and marijuana. To help you out, here is a breakdown of how the two differ in appearance as well as how they are used:

Nicotine vapes

Nicotine vapes are also referred to commonly as e-cigs or e-cigarettes. Nicotine vapes were created to offer smokers a cleaner and much healthier alternative to cigarettes. E-cigs are also popular among smokers that are trying to quit. E-cigs are different from marijuana vapes in that:

  • E-cigs produce bigger clouds of smoke.
  • Most e-cigs are accompanied by sweet smelling flavoured nicotine.
  • Today, the sizes of e-cigs are getting larger and larger, which makes large mods popular among users.

Marijuana vapes

Marijuana vapes, on the other hand, comes in an array of shapes and sizes. The most popular models are portable although there are also larger desktop vapes available. Marijuana vapes stand out from nicotine vapes because:

  • They can only produce small clouds unless the vape being used is desktop, which is capable of producing large clouds.
  • When used, the smell resembles marijuana although other fruity aromas may also be infused.
  • There are many different kinds of marijuana vapes, but there must always be a chamber in which the herb must be placed before it can be burned to produce vapour.

Both nicotine and marijuana vapes can be used for tricks

Today, vapes are used popularly for performing tricks by producing fat clouds of vapour or smoke. Vapers can create smoke clouds of different shapes and sizes in a bid to impress other smokers. Some smokers are so advanced that their techniques even incorporate digital edits like LED lights. Vape tricks can be performed by both cannabis and nicotine vapes. However, larger nicotine vapes tend to be used more regularly for tricks because of their ability to create fat clouds.


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