Texas patients hope access is expanded to medical cannabis: ‘I don’t do this for fun’

Cannabis Culture/Flickr.com/Creative Commons

Joshua Raines worried about going to his son’s choir concert in December — not because of his son, but because he himself would be sitting among throngs of people, which was sure to raise his anxieties.

Ultimately, he decided to go. But it wasn’t long before the Army veteran’s hand began shaking — a seizure warning sign. He smoked a cigarette outside, but quickly realized that wasn’t the comfort he sought. So he left the concert early, returned to his Parker County home and turned on his cannabis vape pen.

Raines said he only uses his pen when his tremors become debilitating or when he needs to calm his anxieties. Sometimes he can go days without it, but at his peak, he was using his pen “all day.”

“I try to use as little of it as possible because, you know, it’s illegal,” he said. “I don’t want my kids to know me for that. They know that I’m fighting to make it legal, but at the same time they know me as the soldier daddy. I fought for the laws, I didn’t break the laws.

“I don’t do this for fun. I don’t do this for a party,” he added. “I legitimately treat this as a medication.”

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