The New Love Drug?

cannabis coupleMarijuana, cannabis, weed, pot, grass, reefer…
You name it. The green plant is being talked about enormously now. Especially because cannabis is not described in the media as a brain cell destroying machine anymore.

Marijuana is being legalized, one state after the other in the US, and Canada joined the party recently. Let’s not dig into the political or economic side of those moves. What’s good to remember is that some people in white blouses have finally released the secrets that many smokers have already known for decades: cannabis has many positive effects on our bodies.

The Dutch had understood the beneficial sides of the smoking pot without shame a long time ago: comfortably seated in a coffee shop in town, a bit a cannabis can be consumed after a long week at work, to relax. Now with social media, we have seen that “relaxing “can actually go many places: who has not seen a video or a man shaking with Parkinson, and suddenly staying still after a little puff? Who has not seen articles of people witnessing how smoking pot helped their mental health?

Well, it seemed there is another subject that is a bit less talked about: sex.
Can cannabis be the solution for embarrassing sex nights? Yes ok, you are thinking about bringing more passion in bed, or maybe a little spiciness. But there could be more to it than just helping you loosen up completely and focusing entirely on your partner. Let’s concentrate on what usually ruins a steamy moment: no erection or premature ejaculation…

Let’s quickly get into it: new findings published in the Journal of Clinical and Developmental Immunology (Switzerland) explain how marijuana may help. Some cannabis pathways are present naturally in many parts of our bodies, including the penis. To keep the story short, consuming marijuana could help solving not the penis issues directly, but some origins of its malfunction. High cholesterol is an example.
Talking about the “videos-we-have-all-seen”, everyone has also heard the story of men dying of heart attacks after taking Viagra. For this matter, the green plant is seen as a more natural solution than the blue pill.

We now must remind people that we don’t have to keep your hair in dreadlocks and start listening to reggae all day long to appreciate marijuana. The plant is often mixed in cookies recipes for example if you don’t like the smoking part. But what’s interesting is that with the legalization of it, the creativity of pot-infused sex products appeared. It’s in lubricant, it’s in candles, it’s in massage oils… Many ways to use the plant as a pathway to unforgettable sex!

To finish, let’s put a little hold. Obviously, like with any other product, moderation is key. Whether it’s chocolate, cigarettes, alcohol or painkillers, too much of anything ends up bad. And for our concern, it will end up in opposite way that we wish to go: the “stoner-boner”. If you find yourself crossing your limit, you can tell your partner to put their clothes back on. At this point, nothing will make your erection work until all the chemicals from the drug are completely gone. Don’t kill the vibe, start slow and listen to your body reactions.


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