The Most Common Pests Threatening Your Cannabis Plants

The Most Common Pests Threatening Your Cannabis Plants

Once they act, they are easy to identify. From the leaf miner, to its white “sister,” to others, such as the aphid or caterpillar, insects act quickly on the cannabis plant and inflict maximum damage. Fortunately, if you catch them in time, there’s always a remedy: predators such as the ladybug, or even household insecticides are among the solutions. Today we talk to you about the pests that can be a real nuisance and how to deal with them.

Whiteflies, caterpillars, aphids … if you are a cannabis grower you’ve probably heard about these insects more than once. There are many pests that can endanger your crops. To deal with them, the best approach is prevention, being aware of the symptoms and, above all, knowing how to eradicate them in time. With our tips you’ll be able to identify all of them with ease and tackle them.

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