420 Dating Is On the Rise

420 datingIt’s no surprise that 61% of Americans want cannabis legalized. And that’s just the ones that vote. The government can no longer control what we think of it because of the success stories all over social media. We’ve been lied to for decades and now all hell is unleashing. About thirty states are now legalized in some way shape or form. And that is a major step to full on cannabis legalization.

But what is this actually doing for people? I know between relationships things are getting a little closer. 420 dating, cannabis dating, marijuana singles, whatever great thing you want to call it, things are heating up between all kinds of couples. We are very excited to see this play out as cannabis dating is on the rise. Couples that smoke or consume cannabis are just happier together. They relieve themselves from the daily bullshit and everything is alright. Taking a trip to the lake, sitting in the river, or just chilling in the backyard – there’s nothing like it.

We haven’t seen this happen with alcohol or any other drug for that matter. It’s great. Even in the worst of times there is something so simple yet so complex there for you guys to unwind and relax. Take a big bong rip and get put into another dimension where starting an argument over something stupid is forgotten. Even sex is better with cannabis. It just creates a more intimate relationship between two people that love each other. There’s nothing like coming home to your girlfriend or boyfriend rolling a joint. It’s the perfect way to keep positive vibes flowing. For the most part it does create a longer lasting relationship. If someone is negative that’s their fault and you shouldn’t be with them no matter how much weed they smoke. Being on the same page with your partner is a wonderful thing.

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