Finding Someone That Smokes Weed Too

couple smoking weed

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There’s nothing like laying in bed with someone you really like, or perhaps love. There’s also nothing like laying in bed with someone you love smoking some good weed. Relationships come and go but why is it hard to find someone that shares the same values as you? If you’re looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend is one of the first things you look for if they smoke or not? Some people don’t really care they just want someone they can vibe with. But if you do care is it hard to find someone that wants to just chill on Friday and Saturday nights? I think people are looking in the wrong direction for what they really want. If you’re single and you go out with your single friends, most likely you will be going to a bar or club or somewhere that involves alcohol.

Alcohol is like the death; of everything. Where are all the cannabis dance clubs? Where are the bars where people just smoke the same way we drink? If they let us chill somewhere and just smoke up all the time that would be great. There wouldn’t be any fights or any drunk retards falling all over the place spilling their beer on your brand new kicks. It would be a place of ultimate relaxation and peace.

Nowadays tough, a good amount of people smoke weed. Marijuana has come out of the ground and budded into a great thing. We now know the truth the government has been keeping from us. We all subconsciously knew it though. It’s medicine for us humans. It’s medicine for animals. It grows abundant but we’re not allowed to let it. Chances are the next person you meet will smoke or is very curious about starting. Online dating has become a niche empire and cannabis dating is still very new.

If you’re someone that is focused on their career it’s hard to go out and meet people. Working eighteen hour days will keep you determined to make money. But at the same time it would be nice to have love at the end of the day. If that’s the case then marijuana online dating is the best option for you. It may take some time but if you give it a few minutes a day something good will come into you life.


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