Instagram Disabled Our Account Right Before We Hit 10k Followers

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This screenshot was taken November 8th, 2016. Shortly after we hit 9,300 followers our account was disabled. This unfortunate event forced us to hold our HUGE giveaway we were stocking up for. Thanks Instagram. After reading several articles of this happening to other people, we have came to the conclusion that Instagram does not give a single fuck about it’s users. Whether you’re a business or an individual it doesn’t matter. After being bought by Facebook it is ran by the government.

After attempting many times to gain our account back, still no luck. The second time we received and email saying we were violating their Terms of Use. Over the past 3 years of using their algorithms to gain that many followers, we are 100% positive we never violated any of their terms. If they could actually tell us what we did that would be great. That way, we would never do it again. We are a cannabis dating site. We do not sell weed. We are not drug dealers. We connect people with love through a LEGAL IN OUR STATE OF CALIFORNIA PLANT.

It’s funny how a lot of the profiles that get disabled or deleted are not violating anything. But then you see naked pictures, drugs, guns, fighting, pornstars almost showing their assholes that never get deleted. Could it be the dicks that go around reporting different accounts? Maybe, we have no clue because Instagrams support team does not exist. There is no email no phone number no nothing.

How can we get our account back so we can do our giveaway? Not to mention our clothing line we are getting ready, starting with snapback hats. Hopefully soon they will forgive us and let us continue to post wonderful pictures OUR followers enjoy. Our Snapchat has even came to a hault of new followers because of this. With a network of 50,000+ members, I think we deserve some respect. I know a lot of programmers smoke weed there’s no reason to discriminate.

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