Doctors Are Now Referring Patients to Cannabis

doctors supporting cannabis

For many years doctors have been prescribing every kind of drug possible. Patients with severe pain have been depending on these drugs for so long that it is literally killing them. Taking opiates, mild painkillers, muscle relaxers, Xanax, and all the above will take a toll on your body. Patients taking these drugs up to 30 years are now being faced with having to detox. Getting off these drugs is no joke just like heroin, it’s basically the same thing.

Patients have been taking these for so long they have to stop taking them with no other choice. Most doctors tell them that there is nothing else they can do. Because of the drug regulations in pharmacies now, doctors cannot prescribe as many drugs as they used to. Patients are left with smaller doses and if they demand higher doses they are looked at like drug addicts and reported. After they are reported then they are taken off their medicine. Tylenol, Advil and many other painkillers will not do the job and are horrible for all people. This leaves patients seriously depressed with nothing else to turn to, that they know of.

Luckily they still can live a happy pain-free life with cannabis. There are a select few doctors that are actually supporting marijuana, mainly CBD. CBD (cannabidiol) acts as the best natural painkiller in the world with several other benefits. Doctors see this side of the plant and refer their patients to go out and find some, particularly liquid CBD in dropper bottles. Some even give direct phone numbers to delivery services that supply this CBD. Patients need to beware though because not all CBD is the same. There are a lot of online “snake oil salesmen” sites that claim to have the best CBD with however many milligrams. This medicine is fake and nobody should be buying it online. Even with some legit CBD companies it still does not work. Some of the best medicine in the Bay Area can be found at Holistic Harvest, a delivery service located out of Livermore, Ca. Their CBD has many positive reviews from patients who thought they were out of luck.

These products contain very little if no THC at all. THC in weed also has a great pain relief affect on the body. Many older patients have little or no experience with today’s modern THC products. These products contain much higher THC content and patients will need to talk to an experienced professional to see how they can start medicating. Holistic Harvest starts patients out with “micro-dosing” in order for them to get used to being high. If you’re in need please contact them and they can help you. They can direct you to online cannabis doctors that can get you a medical card within minutes.


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