Pairing Cannabis With Beer

Although we don’t support alcohol given the legality of it is not fair when it comes to cannabis, it’s good to enjoy a nice beverage and a bowl once in a while. There are many strains out there but reviewers from Leafly have given some great feedback and they decided to share. A known pair is that is great is indicas and IPA’s. This will give you an ultra-relaxed feeling with a deep sleep. According to studies, people that smoke while drinking tend to have less of a hangover. This is from the marijuana actually saving your brain cells from dying. Crazy huh? Let’s take a look at just a few strains that could go well with beer:

Mowie Wowie

“Fruity tasting, sweet aroma that reminds me of sipping a sour ale.” –GypRosetti from Leafly

La Confidential

“Settles in and you feel faaaantastic. Felt great about life, and the surroundings just seem to blur into one mass while I focused on my beer.” –nunuflies from Leafly

Super Silver Haze

“had an interesting, neutral and earthy taste…definitely would recommend for a nice summer day whilst enjoying a bbq, a cold beer and friends.” –jewishkush from Leafly

Blue Dream

“It’s always been a favorite. The sweet/citrusy flavor…and the real pleasant fuzziness of the high is just so refreshing. It’s like finding a great pale ale or pilsener beer in the middle of an aisle of depressing and humongously-high-alcohol porters or stouts.” –mcwriter from Leafly

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