3 REAL Ways to Help When You’re Too High


Passingrass Original – By Jeremy Laine

3 REAL Ways to Help When You’re Too High

PassinGrass.com – Is there any real way to mellow down after being too high? Being way too high, especially from an edible, is like eating a quarter ounce of shrooms then taking a fat tab of acid. You can feel it becoming more and more intense. You know damn well you’re in for a long ride. If you ever become so high that you think you’re going to overdose on weed, that’s probably the point to where you’re totally tripping out. Most of the time this is from an edible high. There has been belief that taking CBD (Cannabidiol) can counteract the high, but there is not enough proof. If you have had experience with this working please comment below. Here are three key ways to help yourself when you are way too high:


And of course water with this. Eat. As much as you can and whatever you feel like. Food will greatly decrease your high. It has similar affects to when you’re too drunk. We won’t get into alcohol but this definitely works. Eating food will not only down your high but it releases endorphins keeping you happy. The healthier food the better.


When you’re too high to even eat; when the thought of putting something in your stomach makes you want to throw up, just sleep. Or try. Sometimes being too high keeps you awake. It makes your legs twitch uncontrollably. It makes you shiver even though it’s not cold. And then when you put a blanket on, it’s too hot. When you turn the lights off you start seeing crazy images of whatever comes to your mind. The only thing you can do is wait it out till you fall asleep. You might wake up in the morning still stoned or you might wake up the next night like “Damn that was crazy!”. But we all know you can’t overdose on Cannabis so it was a just a sort of psychedelic experience you never want to do again.

Stay Away From the Negative

This is a major buzz kill when you’re too high. Hearing someone talk about a bunch of negative crap will trip you out faster than you can even control it. Get away from people that talk too much, especially in a negative way. Even if they’re talking about stuff that you don’t want to talk about. You’ll start analyzing things and make it worse. Get away and be by yourself or with someone that make you laugh. Watch a funny movie or put on some Family Guy instead.

Food, sleep and positivity are the best ways to help yourself when too stoned. You might want to stay inside as well. Most of the time you want to anyways, to be away from the cops, ha.

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