12 CBD Myths & Misconceptions

With a surge of interest in CBD these days also comes a surge in myths and misconceptions. I’m sure off the top of your head you can think of at least one that you have been told or heard someone talking about. With all things CBD, it is safe to say always do your own research.

According to Project CBD, there are twelve myths and misconceptions to discuss. Project CBD went one by one to dig deeper and bring more us more knowledge and a better understanding.

#1- CBD is medical and THC is recreational

-THC actually does have therapeutic properties. Whole plant cannabis continues to be classified as as a schedule I drug with no medical value.

#2- THC is the bad cannabinoid and CBD is the good cannabinoid

-CBD does not get you “high” like THC.

#3- CBD is most effective without THC

-Scientic studies have discovered CBD and THC interact to enhance each others therapeutic effects.

#4- Single-molecule pharmaceuticals are superior to “crude” whole plant medicinals

According to the Federal Government, only specific parts of the cannabis plant have medical value. Single-molecule medications are FDA approved.

#5- CBD is not psychoactive

– CBD is not an intoxicant but it can impact a person’s psyche in a positive way.

#6-Psychoactivity is inherently an adverse side effect

-The euphoric qualities of cannabis are far from an adverse side effect and have great therapeutic properties.

#7- CBD is sedating

CBD is not sedating but it can restore better sleep patterns by reducing anxiety. High does of CBD can trigger a biphasic effect and promote sleep. If rich cbd flower creates a sedating effect it is likely a myrecene-rich terpene .

#8- High doses of CBD work better than low doses

High and low does of CBD can produce different and/or opposite effects. An excessive amount of CBD could be less effective compared to a low dose.

#9- CBD converts to THC in a person’s stomach

WHO studied the issue and confirmed not true in 2017.

#10-CBD is fully legal in the United States because it’s no longer a controlled substance

-Not exactly, enter the Farm Bill 2018.

#11-Legalizing CBD, but not cannabis, adequatley serves the patient population

-30 states have legalized medical marijuana in some way, 17 states have enacted ‘cbd only’. For some patients, THC is more effective as treatment.

 #12- CBD is CBD, no matter where it comes from

-BIG NO, not all cbd is created equal. Always do your research and buy from a reputable place like PG Organix. 

Have you heard any of these before? Are there any myths andmisconceptions that are not on this list that you have heard recently? What are some of your personal thoughts/feelings about a few of these? To be honest, a lot of these just prove that more knowledge regarding CBD is a necessity.  CBD needs to be discussed more, researched more, accepted more.

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